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Translation Masterlist



Climax (Baton Pass Event): WIKIA LINK - Chapter Masterlist

Aquarium (Event): WIKIA LINKChapter Masterlist 

Sweet Halloween (Event): WIKIA LINKChapter Masterlist

Orihime and Hikoboshi (Event): WIKIA LINK - Chapter Masterlist

Crossroad Event (!Chiaki-related scenes ONLY!)

Gang Gacha (!Kuro&Chiaki chapters ONLY!)

Beasts (Gacha): WIKIA LINK – Chapter Masterlist

Senpai Turned Into A Dog?! (Gacha): WIKIA LINK - Chapter Masterlist

Biblio (Gacha): WIKIA LINK - Chapter Masterlist

Selfish Noble (Hiyori Tomoe sub story):  WIKIA LINKDreamwidth



Growing Starry Days: Name-coded version // Color-coded version

SUPER NOVA REVOLU5TAR: Name-coded version // Color-coded version


Mini events:

Birthday Course: Midori Takamine

Launch! Shooting Star Festival Chiaki Mini Event


5* Scout Quotes

Ryuseitai Album Comments

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Climax – Chapter Masterlist

Translated by Kona and me. A story of bonds and tears… Maybe many tears. Wikia link HERE.

Disclaimer: As we have split the story between the two of us, there may be slight differences in format.


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Orihime and Hikoboshi  Chapter Masterlist



Cloudy Sky – 1

Cloudy Sky – 2

Cloudy Sky – 3

Cloudy Sky – 4

Threat of Rain – 1

Threat of Rain – 2

Threat of Rain – 3

Threat of Rain – 4

Threat of Rain – 5

Threat of Rain – 6

Threat of Rain – 7

Threat of Rain – 8

Living Sunshine – 1

Living Sunshine – 2

Living Sunshine – 3

Living Sunshine – 4

Epilogue – 1

Epilogue – 2

Epilogue – 3

Epilogue – 4


This event is heavily influenced by the concept of Chinese martial arts. Makoto mentions that he incorporated “Kung-fu” dance moves for Trickstar’s Tanabata performance, so here are more information about it:

- Tanabata was inspired by Qixi Festival, a Chinese festival celebrating the annual meeting of the cowherd (Hikoboshi) and weaver girl (Orihime) in mythology.

- Trickstar is most likely referencing from Wushu (Chinese kungfu). Since Ryuseitai ended up choosing a similar concept to Trickstar, they’re also referencing from Wushu.

- Taolu is the set routines, or “forms”, of Wushu. There are routines performed bare-handed, and routines performed with weaponry.

- In this case, Trickstar and Ryuseitai chose a weaponry-based taolu: Gunshu (long staff), and Jianshu (double-edged straight sword) respectively. Both of these styles consist of agile, quick movements, and require a flexibility.

- Video of an athlete performing gunshu: 1 - 2 (Both videos portray Mao and Subaru's poses) – Video of an athlete performing jianshu: 1 - 2 (second video portrays Midori's pose)

- Shinobu’s pose is the flying kung fu kick (a kick Bruce Lee often does). Kenpou, the martial arts Tetora adds to Ryuseitai's performance, also has this kicking style.


Thank you Shie and Gold for being my proofreaders!
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Aquarium – Chapter Masterlist

A story about Kanata’s disappearance, his troubles, his cherished friends, and more.


Going to the aquarium together 1

Going to the aquarium together 2

Going to the aquarium together 3

Going to the aquarium together 4

Going to the aquarium together 5

Inviting friends together 1

Inviting friends together 2

Inviting friends together 3

Inviting friends together 4

Inviting friends together 5

Hanging out together 1

Hanging out together 2

Hanging out together 3

Hanging out together 4

What dream shall we be seeing together 1

What dream shall we be seeing together 2

What dream shall we be seeing together 3

What dream shall we be seeing together 4

Epilogue 1

Epilogue 2

Epilogue 3

Akira's comment:

In Enstars, if the heroes are Ryuseitai, then the anti-hero would be Madara-san. (The student council president would also be similar to that, but I personally prefer calling him Dark Hero.) (twitter link)


Thank you Abbi for proofchecking translations for me, and Spoon for being my proofreader!

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Sweet Halloween – Chapter Masterlist


T/L Note:

Chiaki talks in an informal/masculine manner with a lot of drama added to it. But in various parts of this story, he breaks his usual speech pattern, mostly from being spooked. It’s a little tricky to show that change in speech pattern in English, so I’ve decided to footnote the major ones. You can read more about each of them in the respective chapter’s T/L notes.


dis harmony – 1

dis harmony – 2

dis harmony – 3

dis harmony – 4

dis harmony – 5

dis harmony – 6

sweet home – 1

sweet home – 2

sweet home – 3

sweet home – 4

sweet home – 5

sweet home – 6

sweet home – 7

sweet home – 8

sweet home – 9

sweet home – 10

sweet home – 11

let’s party! – 1

let’s party! – 2

let’s party! – 3

let’s party! – 4

let’s party! – 5


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Location: Tanabata Festival Stage


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Location: Tanabata Festival Stage

(Akehoshi-senpai... Back at it again already, criticizing me about unnecessary things when you don’t even get me?)
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Location: Tanabata Festival Stage

Chiaki: “♪~♪~♪”

(Yes! I'm in perfect shape! My body feels light thanks to all that resting! I could soar to the far ends of the sky! Fuhahaha! ♪)

(I’d been overpushing myself nonstop until Supernova happened, and that was only a few weeks ago...)
(I was forced to do it, but I’m still glad the doctor’s warning stopped me from pushing myself even further. It helped me finally slow down.)
(I really would’ve collapsed again if I kept going like that.)

(I was having so much fun, I just couldn't stop myself... and I ended up getting too into it. Ahhh... Guess I’m also still just a kid.)
(Everything just... feels so dreamlike. I keep on wanting more and more.)
(I never want the finale to come! Oh, stars in the night sky! Oh, Orihime-sama, Hikoboshi-sama! Please, hear my wish!)
Kanata: “♪~♪~♪”
“Hehehe~ We are stars swimming in the Milky Way~ puka puka~♪
Chiaki: (Hehe, Kanata looks like he's having fun... I'm glad. He would always have a blank look on his face[1] in his home, and it was pretty scary... The only time he didn't was when he was alone with me.)
(I'm sure he's also happy to be back on stage.)
(No, not just that. I'm sure he loves being an idol. He loves singing and dancing with everyone…)
(He doesn't want to be an unreachable, mighty beingnot like a god, like nature, or like the stars...)
(No, he wants to be beside everyone—close enough to hold hands with them, and laugh together.)
(If that's his wish, then we'll make it come true together. We are “Ryuseitai”Shooting Stars.)
(We won't make wishes come true only once a year, like Tanabata. We'll make them come true time after time, all year round.)
Tetora: “♪~♪~♪”
Chiaki: (Yes! And the first years have grown so, so much this time! I’m in awe! They're performing with such nimble movements!)
(Everyone’s so into this! I can feel their overflowing enthusiasm!)
(I made the right choice by entrusting the kids to Trickstar.)
(I felt pathetic that I couldn't do a single thing for them I couldn't even see them or support them, but… I'm absolutely certain you three can go anywhere, even without me around. Of course, I still plan to stay by your sides, and watch over you as much as I can.)
(The day when we say our goodbyes will surely come. But even so, I know I have nothing to worry about.)
(Let's go anywhere, all the way, Ryuseitai! Here we goooo~!! ☆)
Tetora: (Hrmm... That idiot Taichou’s jumping around everywhere, when he's only just recovered.)
(I guess he’d built up a lot of stress during the time he was sick, since he couldn't join in on practice.)
(You're gonna regret it if you end up collapsing, y'know~? But I guess it's just like us to not think about the little details, and instead, charge forward immediately… yeah?)
(Ahaha, “just like us”... I'm getting influenced by how Trickstar talk.)
(“Us,” huh... There was so much I didn't like about Ryuseitai at first...)
(And I still wanted to join Taishou in Akatsuki…)
(But us, being a mess like this, having nothing but fun like this... Ryuseitai perfectly suits who I am now.)
(It's a festival riot everyday! There’s never a single moment to worry over things! Woohoo~! ☆)

Midori: (Ughh... Everyone's way too energetic…)
(Now I gotta perform just as loudly and flashily, or it’s gonna look like I'm the only one slacking off…)
(Ahh… Being an idol is so rough... How does everyone manage to get so into it…?)

Hokuto: “♪~♪~♪”
Subaru: “♪~♪~♪”
Midori: (Woah! That surprised me... They suddenly got right in front of me…)
(I’ll crash into them if I’m not careful... This is a live showdown, so Trickstar is singing at the same time as us…)
(Ahh… This sucks, everything’s so messy...)
(But I don’t have anywhere to hide... Everyone's focusing on me... This is why I'm scared of being onstage, it sucks... Ughh, and it's just so hot, this is seriously the worst…)

Subaru: “...♪”
Midori: (Huh...? Did Akehoshi-senpai just wave at me...?)
(Now he's clapping and moving around like he’s mocking me...? Uh? Huh? What's he trying to tell me...?)

T/L Note:

[1] Chiaki says noumen mitai na kao (an expression like noh mask) to describe Kanata’s blank expression. The masks he’s referencing look like this (warning: some are eerie).

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Location: Tanabata Festival Stage

A few hours later

Chiaki: “Now then! It's our turn at last!”

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Location: Running Grounds

Mao: Um, I'll get off of you now, so... A-Are you hurt anywhere?

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Location: Running Grounds

Mao: Right, this should be good.

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Location: Running Grounds

Shinobu: Hehe, my apologies, everyone...

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Location: Running Grounds

One week later The day of Tanabata Festival

Chiaki: Fuhahahahaha!

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Location: School Route

Shinobu: Isara-dono~ Over here, over here! I can see the festival~♪

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Location: Dance Room

Subaru: Well, see… We told the kids to come back inside to watch us practice, right?

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Location: Dance Room

Back to the present time

Mao: ...Hm. Alright, I think I've gotten the gist of it.

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Location: Outside the Gym

At the same time, outside the gym...

Shinobu: … We got scolded really badly.

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Location: Dance Room

Several minutes later

Hokuto: Right, looks like we've all finished our warmups.

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